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Kivnelle Trading 3rd Anniversary

Junmai Daiginjo

RM 1,650

*All Prices shown are base on MYR*

Kivnelle Trading 3rd Anniversary

Junmai Daiginjo 

Producer : Niizawa Brewery

Country  : Japan

Region  : Miyagi

Appellation : Miyagi Prefecture

Polishing Ratio : 40%

Variety : Kura no Hana Rice 

ABV : 15%

Volume : 720ml 

Barrel Stack

Our Premium Products

Together with its dedicated and professional team of workers, KIVNELLE supply our clients with the finest quality spirit that meets their every need. Whether you’re looking to buy Whisky, Rum, or Cognac, you can always count on us. Please contact us if you wish to own any bottle, cask or just to enquire. We will try our best to fulfil any of your request.


KIVNELLE work with a lot of reputable company to source for the best available whisky around the world. If you’re looking for top quality whisky, KIVNELLE will be one of your best choice, because we believe life is too short to be drinking bad whisky. Read on to learn more about where you can buy our goods.


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If you’re into Cognac, you’ve come to the right place. KIVNELLE supplies our clients with the rare Cognac in the market to ensure they could explore the different experiences and satisfaction. Check out what’s in the market that you never seen before and contact us to make your dream to own come true.

We Have Delivered

Since 2019, KIVNELLE has been specializing in supplying product guaranteeing clients receive the best quality produce available. Below are product that we have been delivered to our customer. From Product to Product we make sure we always have enough of everything to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. Contact us for further information.

Yamazaki 2020 LE.png

Yamazaki 2020 Limited Edition Set

Please enquire for stock availability

Hibiki 17 years Shiki Kacho 2010 Limited Edition

Please enquire for  stock availability 

Hibiki Shiki.png
Nikka 1989 .png

Nikka Yoichi & Miyagikyo 1989 set

Please enquire for  stock availability 

Mars Komagatake 2014 Heavily Peated Aged in American White Oak, Asian Exclusive
59.8&ABV  1 out of 578

Please enquire for stock availability 

Komagatake Asia Exclusive.png
Komagatake Whisky festival 2019

Mars Komagatake 2012 Aged in American White Oak Hogshead, Exclusive for
Japan Whisky Festival 2019,
Peat: 50ppm

Please enquire for  stock availability 

Kingsbury Linkwood 1989 17years in a sherry cask #6616 51.4%ABV 1 out of 241

Please enquire for  stock availability 

Linkwood 1989.png
Vintage Blanton 1989.png

Vintage Blanton 1989
Barrel#206 46.5%ABV

Please enquire for stock availability

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