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Kivnelle Trading 3rd Anniversary

Junmai Daiginjo

As we (Kivnelle Trading) turn 3 this year, we are very proud and honored to collaborate with Niizawa Brewery, a well-known sake brewery in Japan with over 140 years of history in sake brewering. 


To achieve final finishing, sake needs to go through 3 final pressing stage namely the Arabashiri [first pressed / first run sake ] , Nakadori [ 2nd pressed / middle take] and finally, Seme [last pressed]. 


Hence, for this special Anniversaries joint bottling [also our first Sake product] we are introducing a special sake experience by releasing a set of 3 bottle sake from the same single tank, harvested individually from each of the three pressing stage, allowing you to experience and satisfying curious palates with the difference in taste that each (three) of the pressing stage brings. This is also the first ever single tank sake in set ever release.

Wish to have your Own Unique Sake? 

You will be surprised on what we can do!!

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Founded by team of husband & wife in 2017 and officially established in 2019. KIVNELLE is a trusted company to help people sought for their desired spirits with the most competitive price. We are an expert especially in sourcing rare and limited edition spirits in any parts of the world and a solutionist to cask-owning , whisky investment and private bottling. We believe desire to own should not be stop by any border as anything seen that can be own, there will be a way to reach it.

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