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Japanese Craftsmanship

"Made in Japan" product are known to the world as a product of quality and design. A known fact where whenever japan name were mentioned on a product the first thing that generally comes to mind is the product is made or has passed the highest standard. The passion, dedication and details of the japanese work are most respected and appreciate.


Japanese craftsmanship is always being recognize for it's quality. The passion and details of the craftsmanship which we are most respect and appreciate. We are glad to be able to work with the Japanese community to extend the Japanese craftsmanship along with Kivnelle Trading PLT. 

We are creating another level of concept, for the consumer to have a different level of craftsmanship and provide a different level of experience while enjoy our product with your moments. Philip light said "what you need is not a light bulb, what you need is the light". Which what our product is not just alcohol, is the experience with the alcohol beverages. 



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